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Adding Multiple Users to your NFT Store

NFTICALLY is constantly evolving its features to make the user experience as seamless and flexible as possible. Another feature offered by NFTICALLY makes it possible for the NFT Store owner to add more users to the store and also manage their roles.

If you are looking to add more users to your NFT store, then follow this quick guideline to add users to your store and also assign them with their roles and the respective access.

To add a new user to your NFT Store, simply go to the third icon from the top right corner.

When you click on the icon, a drop down menu will appear, select ‘My Store Settings’ to proceed.

When you click on ‘My Store Settings’, it will take you to the settings page of your NFT store. Click on the ‘Users & Roles’ tab from the options available on the left side panel.

Upon clicking the ‘Users & Roles’ tab, you will be directed to the corresponding page, where you will be able to add new users to your NFT Store.

To add the user, click on the ‘New User’ tab on the right hand side.

Upon clicking the ‘New User’ tab, a popup window will appear with some fields. These fields need to be filled with the information related to the respective user.

This step would require you to give the user details like name of the user to be added, email address of the user, crypto wallet address of the user, and the role under which you want the user to be enrolled.

You can choose the user role from the drop down list.

Once you have filled in all the details, hit the ‘Create Now’ tab and the user will be added to the list.

You can anytime change the role of any particular user by hitting the ‘Change Role’ tab in the extreme right.

Adding new users and managing them effortlessly has been made possible with the new cutting-edge features by NFTICALLY. Now you can manage and run your NFT store efficiently with NFTICALLY.

Updated on: 17/11/2022

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