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Explicit Content Moderation

When you launch your own NFT Store, it becomes imperative to ensure a satisfying user experience. With your own store, you would be attracting a global audience and therefore it is necessary to present things in a manner where user feels confident about the platform.

Well, art is quite subjective but it might be possible that some visitors might not be comfortable with some explicit content that could be a part of your offerings. Therefore, NFTICALLY makes it possible to categorize the explicit content, thereby making the store interface more user-friendly.

If you were also looking to moderate some explicit content on your store, then this helping guide is certainly for you.

Follow the below steps to moderate your content:

Moderating Explicit Content at Collection Level:

Go to the homepage of your NFT store website, and click on the third icon on the top right.

Upon clicking the icon, you will be presented with a drop down menu. Select the ‘My Collections’ option from the drop.

The ‘My Collections’ option would then take you to the collection page of your store.

Choose the collection which you want to moderate the content for. In the above illustrated image, a collection named ‘Life’s Slice’ has been chosen. Similarly, you can choose a collection whose content needs to be moderated.

When you select a collection, you will be directed to the corresponding page. Click on the edit icon that appears on the top right.

The edit option will take you to the collection edit page. Scroll down on the page and you will come across an option ‘Explicit & Sensitive Content’. You see a toggle button across it, tap it on to activate the moderation setting.

Once the toggle button is on, hit the ‘Save Changes’ tab to confirm the settings.

When you mark a collection as the one having Explicit & Sensitive Content, then all the items falling under the same collection are also marked for having explicit content.

Moderating Explicit Content at Item Level:

In case you do not have the entire collection as having some form of explicit content but a few items under a collection are having such content, you can individually mark such items without making any changes to the collection.

Follow the below instructions to mark any item as having explicit content:

Go to the asset which you want to categorize as having explicit or sensitive content. Click on the ‘Edit’ icon which appears on the top right.

The Edit option would then take you to the corresponding page where you will be able to edit your asset. Scroll down the page and you will be able to locate the ‘Explicit and Sensitive Content’ tab.

The final step would be to hit the ‘Save Changes’ button to complete the process.

A smooth and user-friendly interface is crucial for your store’s success. Make the user experience as seamless and hassle-free as possible with NFTICALLY.

Updated on: 11/04/2022

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