A featured asset is the one that appears on the homepage of an NFT Store. Since NFTICALLY makes it possible for the store owners to customize the user interface of their store, hence this specific feature of adding ‘Featured Assets’ comes handy.

To add featured assets to your website, follow these simple steps:

Go to your NFT Store homepage and click on the third icon on the top right.

Upon clicking the icon, a drop down menu will appear, select ‘My Store Settings’ from the options.

The ‘My Store Settings’ option will take you to the settings page of your store. Check out the left side panel, scroll down the page, and select the tab ‘Featured Assets’.

The ‘Featured Assets’ tab will direct you to the corresponding page, where you will be able to add the desired assets as featured assets. Choose the desired asset from the drop down menu.

Once an asset has been chosen, click on the ‘Add’ button highlighted in blue.

A maximum of four assets can be listed under the featured category. If you wish to add more assets under, follow the same process. These assets will then be featured on the homepage of your NFT Store.
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