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How can I launch an Airdrop for my NFTs (ERC 721)

Airdropping is a very common practice in the world of cryptocurrencies. They serve the same purpose as NFTs as well. Airdropping is resorted to when a person wants to create awareness about or promote any freshly launched NFT or cryptocurrency, by sending the tokens or coins to the targeted crypto wallets. In the strictest sense of the word. Airdrop means to release a specific number of the NFTs (or Cryptocurrency) for the general public/fans/followers either at absolutely no cost or at a minimal cost. These tokens or coins are then claimed by the collectors or followers of the respective asset. This is generally done to raise awareness about the freshly minted NFTs and to create a buzz around them.

You may consider airdropping as a marketing gimmick in the world of cryptocurrency and NFTs. However, as this space is fast evolving, the use cases of airdropping are changing simultaneously. Airdropping, especially in the case of NFTs, is proving to be a game-changer. If you want to promote your NFTs, or simply want to drop NFTs in bulk, Airdropping is the way to do it.

This incredible feature is also sported by NFTICALLY for all its users. Once you have set up your NFT Store and are looking forward to releasing your NFTs in bulk, then the Airdrop feature is the one to resort to. We understand that the word, in particular, might sound a bit technical. But NFTICALLY has made it simpler and easier for the users to create airdrops following a few simple steps.

For the convenience of our users and store owners, we have divided the airdrop process into simpler steps. Follow this detailed step-by-step guide to create airdrop(s) for your NFT collection.

Visit your NFT Store and go to the ‘My Store’ section, by clicking on the drop-down that appears on the third icon from the top right.

Upon clicking the Store Settings’ tab, you will be redirected to the corresponding page. Choose the fourth tab from the top that says ‘Airdrop’.

When you click on the ‘Airdrop’ tab, the corresponding page will appear. Proceed ahead by clicking on the ‘New Airdrop’ tab, visible below.

The ‘New Airdrop’ tab will take you to the airdrop creation page. Now, choose the token type that you want to create the airdrop for. You can either choose ERC-721 tokens for your airdrop or you can go with the ERC-1155 type. For instance, here we are opting for the ERC-721 tokens for the airdrop.

The proceeding step would require you to give a name to your Airdrop. Type the name in the given column.

The next field is for the slug. This field is automatically generated once you enter the airdrop name.

Here, we entered the airdrop name as ’Airdrop Demonstration’, and the slug was automatically generated accordingly.

Once the slug is generated, you can also find your airdrop URL alongside. The preview also gets enabled which can be accessible by clicking on the highlighted link.

The next step is to choose a payment token for the users to claim the NFT. This token will depend on the blockchain network on which your collection has been deployed. For instance, if you have deployed your collection on the Polygon blockchain network, then the payment token options you will get will also be in the corresponding cryptocurrency. You may also choose ERC 20 Tokens or wrapped currency as the payment tokens for your airdrop.

This step would require you to choose the beneficiary of the sales proceeds of the airdrop. In case, you have multiple stakeholders associated with the NFTs, then you can create a Payout Group and select it while creating the airdrop. The sale proceeds will automatically get distributed to the respective stakeholders in the defined ratio. In case you are the sole beneficiary, choose ‘Self’ as the option.

Now, you will be required to choose the desired collection for which you want to create the airdrop. If you have more than one collection in your NFT store, then you may choose the required one from the dropdown menu.

The proceeding step will be to define the number of items available for claim by a single claimant. In the case of ERC-721 tokens, this number is generally kept at 1. But it is completely up to you as to how many tokens are allowed per claimant.

This is one of the most important steps in the entire process. Here, you would be required to mention the start date and time from when the airdrop will go live. It is important to define this time crucially as at the stated time, the airdrop will go live.

This step is similar to the previous one. Here, an end time needs to be specified for the airdrop to end. You will be required to specify the end date and time at this step.

It must be noted here that you can anytime stop or end your airdrop. Even before the stated timeline. It is completely at the discretion of the airdrop creator to end the airdrop anytime even before its stated expiration date.

The proceeding step now is to upload an excel sheet or JSON file with the relevant details related to the NFTs being airdropped. The format of the sheet is also provided. Several information is required by the airdrop creator to be filed in the excel sheet or JSON file, such as the NFT name, the URL to the NFT image (to get this URL, you may store images of the NFT(s) on the cloud), NFT description, and so on. These are simple information but are important for the airdrop to be created. Thus it is highly recommended to fill in this sheet with accurate information as any misinformation or lack of the required information will inhibit the Airdrop to be launched on time.

Moving on, now you would be required to attach different conditions for the claimants to claim the NFTs. These include asking the claimants to perform certain actions on social media. This step helps in ensuring a good promotion for the NFT drops. You may also ask your claimants to follow you on various social media platforms, to claim the airdropped NFTs.

These options include asking the claimants to follow you on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Discord, and many more. You can choose all or depend upon your preference.

Once you have kept these conditions on, these will be set as conditions, and the claimants will be asked to meet these conditions in order to move to the next step of claiming the NFT.

We also provide you with the option of adding specific terms and conditions to your Airdrop campaign. If you have specific terms and conditions for the claimants to be aware of the airdrop, you can add them in a document and can upload them on the Airdrop creation page. This document will help the claimants to understand the conditions associated with the respective airdrop and would help them in making an informed decision.

The final step would be to define the number of tokens you want to sell at specific prices. This step enables you to practice differential pricing, wherein you can sell different numbers of tokens at different prices. For instance, you might want to keep the first few NFTs at extremely low prices for the first few claimants, and then would eventually raise the price bar. This can be done through this step.

All you need to do in order to set the token at differential pricing, define the number of tokens by giving the starting token number and the ending token number, and then fill in their corresponding price for which the NFTs are to be sold for.

Once you have filled in all the required information, the last step is to hit the ‘Create Airdrop’ button at the bottom.

This will prompt you to confirm the deployment. Make sure that the collection you are putting up for Airdrops, is minted on the blockchain. Otherwise you will have to mint it first before moving any further. After you transaction is confirmed, you will be taken to the Airdrop Lists page. Here, you will see your Airdrop as one of the options, once the status of the airdrop has been changed to 'Created'. We will need to start the airdrop. Click on the three lines that appear at the right side, and choose 'Manage Airdrop' from the drop-down list.

Upon opening 'Manage Airdrop', you will see your Airdrop page, scroll down it, and you will find an option of launching the airdrop. Click on the 'Launch Airdrop' button at the bottom.

The launch button will initiate the final transaction to be completed for airdrop confirmation. Click on the confirmation tab on your wallet when prompted to move ahead.

Once you have confirmed the transaction, wait for the transaction to get completed.

After the transaction is registered on the blockchain, the page will automatically get refreshed and would redirect you to the Airdrop List page. Check for the airdrop status and once the status is changed to 'Running' that will confirm that your Airdrop is now live for the users.

This way an airdrop can be created and launched using NFTICALLY. Once the airdrop is running, it acts like minting page for your users where in they can come, link their wallet and claim the NFTs themselves. Airdrops are a great way to launch giveaways or to drop NFTs in bulk. You may use this amazing feature and let your users claim the NFTs the easy way.

Updated on: 06/05/2022

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