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How can I use the unlockable content while creating an NFT?

If you are in the NFT industry you must have heard of the word ‘Unlockable Content'. It is a kind of utility that a creator or artist attaches to their digital asset. This utility will be only unlocked by the person who has ownership of the NFT. It's like add-on content with the digital asset.

Here at NFTICALLY, you will have this feature wherein you can add or attach unlockable content to your NFTs. The buyer will only have access to that content after the purchase. Unlockable Content is a kind of utility attached to your NFT to grab people's attention. The utility could be anything that has a physical form. It could be a physical painting, a discount coupon, early access preference, access links to early movie trailers or songs, exclusive content, etc. This utility is only for the one who is buying that NFT.

Suppose you are a painter and you have created your NFTs using those paintings. So what you can do is, offer your physical painting to the buyer who is buying your NFT as a form of utility. There can be several ways in which you can use unlockable content. Imagine you bought your favorite video game and with that, you got another game for free, how cool is that?

Audio files as unlockable content will work best for music artists and producers. At the time of releasing any new project or album, some exclusive music clips or audio files can be linked with the album as unlockable content. In the same way, it will work for filmmakers as well. Launching a collection with exclusive behind-the-scenes, interviews, merchandise, etc. incorporated as unlockable content.

Unlockable content will work as a jackpot for NFT enthusiasts and NFT collectors. Artists can build a smart contract system where a bunch of buyers can access the ownership of the artist's work. Not just one, buyers can own more exclusive NFTs of their favorite artists. Suppose a writer wants to sell his novels as NFTs they can attach a monologue, epilogue, brief history about their inspiration to write this novel, sneak peek of the upcoming parts, etc. as unlockable content to engage the reader and create curiosity at the same time.

It will be a bonus for the gaming community. Game developers can add unlockable items to their ecosystem that players can unlock when they reach or complete a particular level. It could be in-game assets like special avatars, superfast racing cars, and heavy weapons.

This feature is itself a new milestone achievement in the web3 space. Many of the marketplaces have already incorporated it as well. Unlockable NFTs will come out as the next step in the journey of building rare and value-intensive products. It’s just the beginning, and enthusiasts are on their way to ‘unlock’ the future.

Updated on: 27/12/2022

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