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How to create Sale orders in Bulk

You name it, we have it. NFTICALLY has never stopped and will continue to bring you all the features that are required for the platform to be up to date. Are you planning a huge NFT sale? You must be panicking about how you will do it. Now you don’t have to work manually to list your NFTs for sale in bulk. If you have to release 1000 NFTs, you would have to put all these 1000 NFTs individually on sale one by one, but with this feature, by using a single step all these NFTs can be listed up for sale in one go.

Let's get started and learn how we can create sale orders for multiple NFTs in a single shot:

To start with, go to your NFT marketplace website. Under the profile icon, you will see a drop-down menu, choose the 'Store Settings' option from the list.

Under the store settings, you will find the option 'Bulk Actions' in the last on the top horizontal list of options.

Here, you will be given different bulk options on the left of the screen. Choose the one that says ' Bulk Sale' and click on that to proceed ahead.

The Bulk Sale option will open up the corresponding page. Click on the 'New Batch' button to proceed with creating a new batch for bulk sale.

Here, you would have to provide the required information to create a new batch. The first step would be to name this batch. Enter the preferred name in the given field.

The next step would require you to specify the number of NFTs that you would want to put on sale. This number might vary from the number of NFTs you will be adding to the NFT datasheet. For instance, if you have added 500 NFTs in the datasheet and you want only 100 out of these on sale, then mention 100 under the Total number of NFTs on sale. This way, the system will put the first 100 NFTs for sale. Therefore, mention the number of NFTs that you want to make available for sale.

The proceeding step is to upload the Bulk Sale Data file. This file should be in alignment with the provided reference. You can also download the sample sheet to refer to and then upload the data in the accepted format.

Once you have uploaded the bulk sale data and filled in all the required information, it is now time to create the batch. Click on the 'Create Batch' button to move ahead.

Once the batch is created successfully, you will be taken to the batch list page, where you will see all the bulk sale batches created. Check the status of the respective batch. Once the status has turned to 'Imported', it is time to move on to the next step.

To put your batch on sale, you would have to give your approval. Go to the settings option under the Action tab and choose 'Approve' to take the process ahead.


Moving on to the next step would require you to confirm your approval. Here all the contract addresses for which you want to put the NFTs on sale will be shown, you have to click on the 'Approve' button to proceed ahead.

The following step would be to approve the listing of these NFTs by signing into your wallet. This would fetch a little gas fee. Confirm the transaction in your wallet to reach the next step.

After the transaction is successful, the page will automatically refresh and you will be taken back to the Bulk Sale list page. Here, you will see that the status of your batch has changed to 'Ready to Sign'.

Once the status has changed to 'Ready to Sign', you will be required to access a utility tool. This tool will help you sign the orders for the sale in one go. To get access to this utility, you are advised to contact your Account Manager. They will help you in getting this utility.

After the utility tool access has been granted, you would be required to add your wallet's private key or seed phrase to link your wallet to the tool. Thereafter, you would be prompted to sign the orders for bulk sale.

When the sale orders have been signed, you will see that the batch status has turned to 'Success'. And with this, your NFTs have been put on sale in one go.

NFTICALLY is not a platform that creates a customized NFT marketplace to run business smoothly along with scaling up the business as well. With features like bulk sale orders, running an NFT store can be simple and straightforward. If you are a creator looking for an ultimately scalable platform to build your NFT business this platform would be the perfect fit for you. So start your journey now by creating your store.

Updated on: 29/07/2022

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