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How to Launch Your Own NFT Marketplace/Store in a few minutes?

NFTICALLY is one-stop solution for all the NFT enthusiasts who are looking to carve something of their own in the NFT and Web3 space. And the best part is, you need not be a tech-savvy person to launch your own fully-functioning, customizable NFT Marketplace With a few simple steps, you can easily open up your own NFT marketplace in just a few minutes.

NFTICALLY is not just for celebrities, and artist influencers but also provides a white-label solution to businesses to earn from their digital assets. NFTs are recognized globally and people know how valuable these assets are. Thus anybody around the world can create their store/marketplace with NFTICALLY and start earning.

NFTs will be the future of financial assets. Users can easily mint and trade their NFTs at their respective marketplaces while making fortunes at the same time.

NFT markets majorly revolve around assets like coins or tokens. With a marketplace at NFTICALLY, you can trade images, music, art, tweets, and whatnot.

Why would you choose us?

We Provide you with advanced and comprehensive features that work best for you ranging from NFTs, airdrops, social tokens, etc.

Our product is convenient to use and so efficient that it becomes easy for you to entirely focus on your fans, audience, visitors, etc. and the content you are offering.

We give you the leverage of having significant control over the marketplace from monitoring the analytics to optimizing and customizing as per needs.

How can you set up your store?

Creating and managing the nft marketplace has been simplified by NFTICALLY. Within a few minutes by following some basic steps you are good to go.

The following steps will lead you to get started with NFTICALLY:

To begin with, go to NFTICALLY website and you will see an option of ‘Launch NFT Store For Free', present at the middle of your screen of the page.

Add your email address in the given box and click on the ‘Launch NFT Store For Free' tab.

After submitting the email address, a pop up box will open to verify your email address. You can cross-check your email address on the above box. Also, the URL for your NFT Marketplace will also be visible on the pop up. If you want to edit the URL, you will find an option to edit it besides the URL itself.

Once you have cross-checked your email address and the marketplace URL, proceed ahead by clicking on the ‘Create NFT Store Now’ button.

You will now see a pop up for the pricing page, here you can select the subscription you want to take. You will also have the option for a free store as well.

Once confirmed, you will be redirected to your newly created store. Click on the third icon on the top right of the page. Drop down list will appear when you click on ‘Store Settings’.

Here, you have the option to update your Store Name, upload a logo, and provide your email address, your country, and a category for your store.

Once done with the details, click on the ‘Save Changes’ button at the bottom right of the screen.

Now click on ‘My Account’ on the screen, you will see some options on the left side of the screen. Click on the ‘Wallet’ option. It is an important step to connect to a wallet, to begin your journey at NFTICALLY.

You will see options for wallets and you can choose any wallet according to your preference. NFTICALLY supports a number wallets but will provide you with four wallets to choose from. Here at NFTICALLY, we have the following wallet options:

. MetaMask
. WalletConnect
. Coinbase Wallet
. Formatic

You may refer to this in case you want to learn about setting up your preferred wallet.

Congratulations! Once you have successfully linked your wallet to the store, you are good to go to explore, create and mint NFTs on your own NFT Marketplace.

Updated on: 02/05/2022

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