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How to locate an NFT with Unlockable Content?

Are you also a Crypto enthusiast with the curiosity of unlocking the hidden gems of NFT? Do you know you can also buy these kinds of digital assets that have some hidden content with them on this platform? What are you waiting for? Go and grab those NFTs.

Also, if you are an NFT seller and want your reward-loaded NFTs to stand apart from the lot, we have got a solution for you. It is as simple as it sounds. Once you attach any utility to an NFT using Unlockable Content option, that NFT will be highlighted with lock icon on the respective NFT card. This way, it will be easier for your audience as well to find the NFTs which are going to reward them as they contain some unlockable information.

The following steps will help the NFT buyers to locate NFTs with unlockable content:

To start with, go to the respective NFT Marketplace. Click on the Marketplace tab on the top right and then choose 'All' from the drop-down menu.

All the NFTs on the respective NFT marketplace will be listed in front of you. Explore the NFTs. All the NFTs with Unlockable Content have a lock icon at the bottom right. So look out for that icon.

Once you find the NFT with Unlockable Content, click on that NFT to know more about the hidden content.

Note that the lock icon is only visible for those NFTs that have unlockable content and have been minted on the blockchain.

Voila! Now by following these given steps you will be able to locate the NFTs with unlockable content.

Updated on: 11/07/2022

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