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How to mint multiple NFTs in a single batch

Looking for an option to mint multiple NFTs in one go? Well, your search has ended with NFTICALLY as we provide you with an amazing option to bulk mint NFTs, that too without putting in any manual effort. You just need the address to which you want to mint these NFTs and the respective NFT data, and the rest is taken care of by our cutting-edge bulk minting feature.

With the Bulk Mint feature, you can mint up to 2000 NFTs in a single batch. Isn't it amazing that you can do it in one go rather than minting every single NFT? It will work best when store owners/admins want to mint the whole lot in just one shot.

Now, let's cut to the chase and see how with a few easy steps, you can actually mint those multiple NFTs in a single shot:

The first step is always to start with your NFT Marketplace. Hence, visit the respective marketplace website, and click on the Store Settings on the drop-down menu which appears under the profile button.

Now, that you have landed on the store settings of your marketplace, click on the 'Bulk Action' tab located at last on the top horizontal bar.

Here, you will see different bulk options on the left of your screen. Click on the one that says 'Bulk Mint' to proceed further.

Once the Bulk Mint option has been selected, the corresponding window will open up. Click on the 'New Batch' button visible on the right.

The New Batch option will allow you to enter details in order to create a batch for bulk minting. The first step in this process is to name the batch that you are going to mint.

The next step is a really important one. Here, you would have to enter a wallet address to which you want to mint these NFTs. If there are multiple wallets, do not worry, add them to the datasheet and then this wallet address will be overridden. However, if you want to mint all of these NFTs to a single wallet address, then mention that wallet address here.

The next step would be to specify the number of NFTs you want to mint. Suppose, if your datasheet has 500 NFTs, and here you mention that you want to mint 100 of them, then the system would mint the first 100 NFTs from the whole lot. Therefore, mention the number of NFTs that you want to mint through this order.

The next step is to choose a collection through which you want to mint these NFTs. All the deployed collections will be displayed in the form of a list, you can choose the respective collection. You can choose one collection at a time. Either you can choose an ERC 721 or an ERC 1155 collection.

The next step is to upload the NFT data in the required format. You can also download the sample sheet for reference and fill in the information in the set format.

Once all the information has been filled in and uploaded, now is the time to create the batch. Click on the 'Create Batch' button to proceed ahead.

Once the batch is created, you will be taken to the Batch list page. Here you will see all the batches that you have created so far. Check the status of a respective batch. Once the status says 'Ready to Mint', choose the Mint option from the corresponding drop-down menu that you will find under the Action tab.

Upon clicking the Mint option, the transaction will be processed, and you would be required to sign the transaction in your crypto wallet. The first permission that you would have to sign on would be to set the minting permission. A little gas will be applicable to make the transaction successful. Click on Confirm button to move ahead.

This transaction will allow you to batch-mint your NFTs. Click on the Confirm button in your crypto wallet to proceed on to the next step.

Once the transaction is successful, the page will refresh itself, and now on the Batch list page, you will see that the status of the respective batch has changed to 'Minted'.

In order to view your minted NFTs, you can use the options given under the Action tab and choose the 'View' button to access the list of minted NFTs.

You may also download the file containing the list of minted NFTs.

On the view page, you will be able to see all the NFTs which have been minted in the given wallet address.

That's how easy it is with NFTICALLY to mint your NFTs in bulk in a single shot. No complications, no technical prowess required. You just need the NFT information, and the receiver's wallet address, and you are good to go as far as bulk-minting is concerned. Happy Minting to you!

Updated on: 01/08/2022

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