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How to put a stop time for my airdrop

Now that you have put a start time for your airdrop, it is now time to specify an end time as well which will help you to conclude the airdrop on time.

For setting a stop date for your airdrop, go to the Airdrop Stop Date & Time option on the Airdrop creation page, and choose a date from the calendar on which you want the airdrop to get concluded.

After the date has been set, it is now time to specify the end time as well. Click on the clock given below the calendar to choose a specific time at which the airdrop will stop automatically.

Now have you have successfully set a stop date and time for your airdrop. Please note that you can anytime conclude the airdrop before the stated time as well, by cancelling it anytime in between.

Updated on: 06/05/2022

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