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How to set my custom URL for my NFT Marketplace?

Custom Domains

Do you own a custom domain? As part of any of our offerings, you can set up a custom domain for your NFTICALLY store or marketplace. This removes from your site URL and replaces it with your branded domain!

What is a Custom Domain?

When you first create a NFT store or marketplace with NFTICALLY, it will be given NFTICALLY URL, formatted as follows: Everything that appears before can be customized as desired on all plans, however if you are looking to remove the NFTICALLY's branding, this can be done with a premium plan only. Please reach out to us via chat or email to discuss more on the premium store or marketplace!

Setting up your own custom domain allows you to access your NFT store or marketplace with a domain that you own. You can replace your URL with a branded domain that can be formatted like or instead!

Custom Domain Requirements

To set up a Custom Domain for your NFTICALLY store or marketplace, you require the following:

A domain purchased from a domain host (Namecheap, Bluehost, Hover, GoDaddy Cloudfare, etc.)

An Initialized store or marketplace

How to Set Up Your Custom Domain in Your Domain Host

Find Your Domain Host

Before you can set up a custom domain for your NFTICALLY , you will need to register your chosen domain with a domain host if you haven't already. Some popular domain hosts include Namecheap, Cloudflare or GoDaddy. (If you're registering a domain for the first time, a .com address is usually around $10/yr. You don't need a hosting account, we have that part covered!)

If you already have your own website, then you should already own a domain. If you're not sure where this is registered, then you can use this tool to find out who your domain host is:

Set Up a CNAME record

Once you have domain host, you will need to log into your account with them to set up your custom domain. This is done by creating what's called a CNAME record. A CNAME record is what tells browsers where to find your site when visitors navigate to your URL.

Each domain host will have a slightly different interface for setting this up and you can review domain specific instructions here:




If your domain host is not listed above, not to worry! The following general instructions apply to all domain hosts:

Locate the DNS (Domain Name Settings) for your domain

Depending on your host, this may be under a page or section called something like manage domain.

Select to create a new DNS record.||

This will usually be available in a menu titled something like:

Zone Settings
Zone Editor
DNS Zone File
Advanced DNS

Once there, create a new CNAME record.

Name Your CNAME record

The name for your CNAME record must be a subdomain. A subdomain precedes your main domain name. For example in, www is the subdomain. What you enter here will affect which URL your NFTICALLY store or marketplace will be available at. www, nft, marketplace or store are popular subdomain choices.

This setting will often be in a field named:


Most domains will not require you to include your domain within this field. For example, you can simply add www instead of

Link your CNAME record to your NFT Marketplace site

Your CNAME record will need to point to your current NFTICALLY URL. You will want to copy the exact URL of your NFTICALLY store or marketplace, which will be formatted as:

This setting will often be in a field named:

Points to

Set TTL field

TTL stands for Time To Live (in seconds). This is the amount of time it will take your changes to propagate. If this field can be set, select the lowest available number (usually 3600 seconds). If you can't choose a value, skip this step.

Save your changes

Once your record has been successfully saved, you are all set in your domain host! If you are changing your CNAME from previous saved values, it can take 24 hours or more before it has changed on servers worldwide. If that's the case, you'll need to wait until you see it reflected!

Note - Kindly inform us via email ( or just ping us via chat here, once this process is successful

How to Add Your Custom Domain in NFTICALLY

In your Store Settings tab, navigate to Custom URL
Select Add New URL
In New Custom URL field, input your custom domain including subdomain & Click Save
Message us via chat & inform us that you have added your custom URL & added it's CNAME
Once we confirm everything is set, we will enable the custom URL for you.

Updated on: 08/03/2022

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