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How to transfer Multiple NFTs in one go?

Have you heard that you can transfer NFTs in bulk? If you own multiple NFTs, you must be wondering how to transfer those in just a few clicks. Transferring NFTs in one go will also save you from manually entering the data for each transfer. Now sending out NFTs in bulk won’t be a challenging task for the creators and the store owners.

Now if you are looking to transfer NFTs in bulk, you can do so by using this feature at NFTICALLY. Here you can transfer up to 5000 NFTs in a single batch. Isn't it amazing that you can do it in one go rather than doing it for every single NFT? It will save a lot of time for the store owner that they can probably utilize in creating their digital work. Now bulk transferring your digital assets in just a matter of minutes with a few clicks is made possible by NFTICALLY. So what are you waiting for? Go and transfer a whole lot of NFTs to your fan base and that too in just one shot.

Let's get started and see how with a few simple clicks, NFTs can be transferred to multiple recipients:

The first step is always to start with your NFT Marketplace. Hence, visit the respective marketplace website, and click on the Store Settings on the drop-down menu which appears under the profile button.

Now, that you have landed on the store settings of your marketplace, click on the 'Bulk Action' tab located at last on the top horizontal bar.

Here, you will see different bulk options on the left of your screen. Click on the one that says 'Bulk Transfer' to proceed further.

Once the Bulk Transfer option has been selected, the corresponding window will open up. Click on the 'New Batch' button visible on the right.

The New Batch option will allow you to enter details to create a batch for bulk transfer. The first step in this process is to name the batch that you are going to transfer.

The next step is to enter the recipient's wallet address. In case you have more than one receiver, please enter those wallet addresses in the datasheet. This way, the recipient address mentioned here will be overridden. However, if you want to transfer multiple NFTs to a single recipient then enter that wallet address in the given field here.

The next step would be to specify the number of NFTs you want to transfer. Suppose, if your datasheet has 500 NFTs, and here you mention that you want to transfer 100 of them, then the system would transfer the first 100 NFTs from the whole lot. Therefore, mention the number of NFTs that you want to transfer through this order.

For NFTs belonging to ERC 1155 type of collection, the number of tokens you want to mint would go under the total number of NFTs. The number of copies of each token would not have to be counted. If there are 5 NFTs (ERC 1155) to be minted having 100 copies each, the number of total NFTs would be 5 only.

The next step is to choose a collection through which you want to transfer these NFTs. All the deployed collections will be displayed in the form of a list, you can choose the respective collection. You can choose one collection at a time. Either you can choose an ERC 721 or an ERC 1155 collection.

The next step is to upload the NFT transfer data in the required format. You can also download the sample sheet for reference and fill in the information in the set format.

Now, once the data has been uploaded, click on the 'Create Batch' button to proceed with creating the respective batch for bulk transfer.

After the batch has been created successfully, the page will refresh itself and you will be taken to the corresponding page where you will be able to view all the batches that you have created so far for transferring the NFTs. Now, the status of the respective batch that you want to transfer must be updated to 'Ready to Transfer'.

When the batch status is updated to 'Ready to Transfer', click on the settings option under the Action tab. In the drop-down menu, you will find the option 'Transfer'. Click on the Transfer option to move ahead.

*The transfer option will initiate the process. Now, you would be required to approve the listing, therefore confirm the transaction in your wallet to proceed ahead. You would be required to pay gas to make this transaction successful. It is suggested to keep the transaction time to the lowest by increasing the gas as this will reduce the chances of any transaction failure.

The next step would be to give your approval for batch transfer. Confirm the transaction in your wallet to move to the next step.

When all the transactions have been successful, you will be taken back to the batch list page. Here, the status of the batch would turn to 'Success', indicating that the NFTs have been transferred successfully.

You can also view or download the file for the transferred NFTs using the 'View' or 'Download File' option from the drop-down menu under the Action tab.

Now transferring NFTs in bulk would not be a hustle with NFTICALLY's cutting-edge solution. The platform makes this entire process extremely easy and innate for the users. Just make sure that you always verify and double-check the address to which you are transferring your NFTs. NFTICALLY is resolving the inconvenience that creators face whenever they want to transfer their NFTs in bulk, by providing the best in-built NFT bulk transfer solution. Now, you just have to focus on creating your digital assets, while we will save you the time of manual work and potential errors.

Updated on: 01/08/2022

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