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How to Use Coinbase Wallet on NFTICALLY

Trying to login on NFTICALLY using Coinbase wallet but could not succeed? Well, if you are a first time user, you might need a little help in getting started. Therefore we have created this step-by-step guide for you to successfully create a Coinbase wallet and get started on NFTICALLY.

Read on to know how to create a Coinbase wallet and use it on NFTICALLY -

Visit NFTICALLY and click on the ‘Login’ tab, visible on the top right corner.

The login button will redirect you to the login page where you will be given different wallet options to choose from. Click on Coinbase Wallet and hit on the ‘Sign In’ button to proceed ahead.

After clicking on the ‘Sign In’ button, a popup will appear, giving you the option to either install Coinbase as an extension for your browser or you may directly scan it from your mobile phone if you already have it on the mobile.

For this demonstration, we will be moving ahead with the installation of Coinbase as the browser extension.

The ‘Install’ button will take you to the respective extension page where you will be prompted to add Coinbase as your browser extension. Click on the ‘Add’ button to move to the next step.

Once you proceed on to adding it as the extension, a popup will ask you to confirm the addition of the extension. Click on the ‘Add Extension’ button.

Once the extension has been added successfully, it will take you to the Coinbase extension page, where you will be required to create a new wallet. Create on the ‘Create new wallet’ tab highlighted in blue at the bottom of the page.

The next step is to give a username for your wallet account. Enter the username. You may check the box at the bottom to allow others to search for you using your username. Hit on the ‘Submit’ button to move ahead.

This step is a crucial one as now you will be given a backup recovery phrase to add an additional security layer to your wallet account. This secret recovery phrase will help you to access your account in case you forget your password or username. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you note down this phrase in the exact order on a piece of paper and keep it somewhere safe.

Disclose the recovery phrase by clicking inside the box, mark the checkbox at the bottom and click on the ‘Continue’ button.

In order to make sure that you have saved the phrase correctly, the next step is to select the first and the last word of the phrase. Choose the respective words and click on the ‘Submit’ button.

The next step is to create a password for your account. Enter the password, verify it, agree to the terms, and hit the ‘Submit’ button.

Once you submit your password, a confirmation message will appear saying that your wallet is ready.

Now, go back to NFTICALLY Login page, select Coinbase and click on the ‘Sign In’ button.

Once you hit the sign in button, a popup from Coinbase will appear and would prompt you to connect your account to NFTICALLY. Click on the ‘Connect’ button to proceed ahead.

The next step would be to sign into your account. Click on the ‘Sign’ button to move to the next step.

The last step would lead you to successful signing into NFTICALLY. Now you may proceed to launching your own NFT marketplace or you may simply engage in buying and/or selling NFTs in NFTICALLY Supermarket.

Updated on: 20/01/2022

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