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How to use 'Make Offer' Feature

Many times, we come across some amazing NFT but find ourselves in the dilemma whether the quoted price is justified or not. However, with NFTICALLY you can make an offer to the owner of the NFT without making a purchase.

NFTICALLY has incorporated the amazing ‘Make Offer’ feature that allows the buyers to make an offer for any NFT to the respective owner.

The following detailed instructions will help you in navigating through this feature and how to make an offer for the NFT which you must have liked:

Select the NFT which you might have liked on NFTICALLY or any of the NFT Stores, hosted by NFTICALLY.

Once you have landed on the NFT page which you want to make an offer to, scroll down and you will be able to locate the ‘Make Offer’ tab below the NFT image.

Hit the ‘Make Offer' tab and a popup will appear which will prompt you to enter the required information. Start with entering the amount that you would like to an offer with.

The next step is to add an expiry date to the offer. If the NFT owner does not accept your offer till the stated date, the offer will automatically expire beyond that date.

Once you have filled in all the details, hit the ‘Make Offer’ button below to complete the process.

Updated on: 11/04/2022

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