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Store Fees in Secondary Sales

Are you an NFT Store and thinking about monetizing the platform that you are allowing others to use? Well, you can certainly do that with your NFT Store.

When someone buys an NFT from your NFT Store and sells it again to others, you can charge a fee for facilitating that transaction on your NFT store and this fee is known as Store fee in secondary sales. This fee is applicable only on the secondary transactions and not on primary one.

For entering the percentage for secondary sale, just enter the percentage number under the Store Fee box and then enter the wallet address to which you want to send this amount to. By default, the wallet address is of the store owner, you may change it if you want and then that wallet will receive the store fees.

Please note that both primary and secondary Store fees can be directed to a single wallet address only . Also, a secondary fee will be applicable when someone makes that transaction in your store.

Updated on: 28/02/2022

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