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What all fees is charged on NFTICALLY while selling NFTs?

Before putting up any asset on sale, it is important to be sure about all the fees and commissions that may be levied on a particular asset sale. If you have been wanting to put your collections on listing, and are confused about the various fees and charges that might be levied, then we have got you covered.

We understand your concern as an NFT seller, and thus would want you to be completely aware about all the possible transaction charges. Hence, we are providing a breakup of different fees that might be applied when you put any asset or collection for sale (minting).

The following fees are applicable when you put up any asset on sale on your NFT store, powered by NFTICALLY:

NFTICALLY Commission: This is the commission which is charged by NFTICALLY for providing the technological gateway for helping you set up your NFT store and facilitating the trading of NFTs. This commission varies from store to store. It typically ranges from somewhere between 3-15%.

This fee will be applicable on all the sales transactions and may vary from one NFT store to another.

Store Commission: This commission is levied by the store owner for providing you with a platform for selling your NFTs. This commission is not set at any particular range. This commission is set by the NFT store owner themself and thus may vary from store to store. However, while putting your NFTs on sale, make sure to look into the commission set up by the respective NFT store for facilitating the particular transaction.

Royalty Fee: Royalties are an important part of the NFT transactions. Many creators/sellers levy some fee, popularly known as royalty, on sale of an asset, and this fee is charged every time the asset is traded in the secondary market. Again, this fee is not mandatory to be applied and thus is a subject of interest for the owner/seller of the asset. Hence, this fee also varies depending on the seller or the art. Therefore, whenever buying an NFT or selling one, keep an eye for this fee as well.

The above mentioned are the different types of fees levied on the sale of an NFT. While undertaking a transaction, keep an eye on these fees and charges, as the final transaction amount includes these.

Updated on: 11/04/2022

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