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What can all be done via the Airdrop feature?

Airdrop is the most common and most frequently used method by store owners to give out NFTs as rewards to their audience. Airdrops tend to release a specific number of NFTs for store visitors and followers that are directly transferred to the claimant's wallet. It is a great opportunity for NFT collectors to claim the NFTs at absolutely no cost or a minimal cost. Here at the platform you just need to go to the airdrop link and participate in the live airdrop event.

This helps in the rapid adoption of the project and growth as people are often excited to claim digital assets as their reward. The concept of airdrops among the NFT community is also important because it gives NFT enthusiasts something to look forward to when purchasing an NFT.

There are multiple activities that can be performed under Airdrop, some of them are listed below:

Free giveaways to the audience

Giveaways or NFT contests are other ways to promote and increase awareness about the newly dropped NFTs and collections across different social media platforms. Through this, store owners can rapidly gain a following of hungry NFT collectors, while collectors have an opportunity to earn a free NFT that has the potential to be valuable in the upcoming days.

Creating an activity for the fans by letting them mint the NFTs on their own

Airdrops are one of the best ways to connect and engage with the audience. Coming up with fun activities where the users can participate enthusiastically is a great way of interacting. Allow your fans to mint NFTs on their own if they fulfill the required eligibility criteria. In each step, you can put a milestone that a user has to achieve in order to get to the finish line.

Making NFTs available at differential pricing. This also helps the NFT owner to reward the early birds. Selling your digital assets at different prices is a great way to capture a larger audience. Price your NFTs keeping in mind your audience type, time of purchase, affordability, etc. The higher the number of NFTs the lower will be their value and vice versa. If your NFTs have different variants or editions it will benefit you in the secondary market.

NFT owners can select the pricing strategy according to the audience they want to cater to. They can either go for affordable pricing where the number of NFTs is relatively high and can easily be traded and gifted and hence priced comparatively on the lower side.

If the store owner is targeting the elite audience, they can go for luxury pricing where the digital asset is one of its own kind and only available for a limited time. These assets are usually higher in price.

Conducting a surprise NFT sale where the buyer gets to reveal the NFT after the claim
To maintain the curiosity of your user and audience give them an experience wherein they can take part in the surprise event organized by the NFT owner. Here they will have no clue what they are purchasing. To make it more exciting, give them hints and let them brainstorm. They will know it only at the time of claiming it.

Thus airdrops can be super fun if executed in the right manner. Such features ensure that the NFT owners should step out of their way and come up with thrilling events for their audience in order to maintain the craze and enthusiasm and to keep going in this competitive industry.

Updated on: 27/12/2022

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