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Why my GAS fees is large for the first NFT Item Minting?

First NFT listing is a 3 step process:

Step 1: NFTICALLY requires you to first create a collection,
Step 2: Add an item inside that newly created collection
Step 3: Finally list this newly added item for sale.

Step 1 is the one-time process & when you are going to add another item inside the collection, you will not be requested to go with Step 1. You can directly jump to Step 2 & Step 3.

This Step 1 require a justified amount of Gas to in your wallet to throw the transaction to the Blockchain which you are using, (Which is a one time process). NFTICALLY, has nothing to do with the amount of Gas charged & the cost of the Gas. It is governed by the Blockchain network you have chose. as of today, Ethereum is very expensive when it come to Gas cost & Binance Smart-Chain in much cheaper, while the Polygon Matic is extremely cheap. This may change in future based on the price of the coins.

When you add another Item inside an already created collection, you don't have to go through Step 1, ie Collection Creation and you can just add an item & list it on sale. Please note that amount of Gas paid to Binance Smart-Chain to list an item on sale will remain the same irrespective of the amount you intend to sell your item. For example, if you wish to sell your NFT item for 100 BNB & if you want to sell your NFT item for 0.0001 BNB both will require you to pay the same amount in Gas.

This is the reason the first item minting require more gas than the second item minting. Unless you are deploying the new collection for some reason.

Updated on: 02/05/2022

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